Laura Moreton-Griffiths (Nuneaton 1967) is a London-based histories painter. Her philosophical practice combines the interrelated and antagonistic worlds of fine art and technology. Using traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility, she works across disciplines and in a range of media. Drawing, painting, objects, photography, digital collage, film and performance via a cast of characters. Borrowing from history and culture, she painstakingly creates pieces from a vast array of references and political narratives.

She is always amazed by what we don’t know, what has been overwritten, lost. Her practice attempts to fill in the gaps between known facts and fictions, and overlooked people and events at the margins of history. Interested in the politics of time and forgetting, and how modern western history uses a linear model of storytelling.  Past present future and continuities. Her work often reflects what she is opposed to and thus, with humour, deals with issues of conflict and control. For some time her work has been exploring what it means to be human using the robotic as a metaphor. Concerned with whether or not machines built to do our work will be able to escape our social misogynies and what this means for the design of future.

Moreton-Griffiths studied Foundation at St Martins School of Art (1986), multimedia at the ARTEC (1993), and BA (Hons) Painting at Camberwell College of Arts (2005-2008). She is currently a joint recipient of Artquest’s PEER FORUM award at Cubitt and is in her third year of the Turps Correspondence Course. Her work is held in private collections in the UK and internationally.