Artist statement

A selection of short stories, part of an ongoing experimental multilinear narrative about acts of resistance are available here. Click the images to read work in progress online. 


Artist Statement

The stories Laura Moreton-Griffiths tells, imagine alternative futures. Her speculative fictions mix personal, with real life socio political economic histories and theory and take many forms. From room-sized drawings that people can walk around, drawn in pencil and ink, on paper and gesso on board; paintings in oil on laser-cut powder-coated steel; hand-drawn animation mixed with digital film; 3D characters and environments; photography; to handmade props and costumes for performances to camera and screen.

Developed through a lengthy process of research, writing and collaging of ideas and images from the past, and storyboarding, each piece is painstakingly crafted, demonstrating skill and slow labour; and have a recognisable monochromatic aesthetic of largely black and white line and form, accentuated by spots of intense colour. Drawing from a background in multimedia, she mixes traditional processes with interactive elements made using Arduino circuits and proximity sensors, as well as broadcast technologies. She collaborates across disciplines to create immersive storytelling events.

The works are unapologetically wonky. Tender, funny, political, soulful, conflicting, sad. From a young age she has had a strong sense that things aren’t right. Her philosophical practice is her resistance; attempting to illuminate discriminatory power structures and social practices, seeking personal and societal agency. Her various bodies of work are a cosmology of linked themes, all exploring conflict and control.