5 June 2020

🆘 Stop the Spike Island Studio Evictions

Questioning the direction of Spike Island as it evicts one of its founder artists. At stake is the freedom to practice without distinct or quantifiable outcomes. Globally, socioeconomic and cultural forces are knocking hard at the studio door. While there is enormous pressure on art institutions to adopt profit-led business models, we wonder what metrics are at play here – what is the business model that is being adopted? I urge Spike Island to reconsider these evictions and to safeguard the sanctity of the artist studio.
A studio is an essential place for an artist, being both refuge and battleground. Eviction will be catastrophic for Silverman and the Spike Island community. As a non-profit publicly funded art organisation, we need to question the governance structures and interests of Spike Island. I urge funders, trustees, artists and the public to pressure the management by signing the Action Network petition against these evictions.

+ Read the full letter here
+ Sign the petition here
+ Art Monthly issue 437 June 2020

Please feel free to share the letter widely, quoting:
© Laura Moreton-Griffiths. Letter page from Art Monthly issue 437 June 2020

13 May 2020

Searchin’ Searchin’ Searchin’ Searchin’ 👁️ SATURDAY 16 MAY  13-13.30pm

Searchin’ Searchin’ Searchin’ Searchin’ is a broadcast of performative-interactive works
through @thisistomorrow_

I’m reading DATA | GIFT: “Part of an ongoing experimental science fiction. The story tells of Reaper2, one of one and one of many, and her Systas, a cluster of female Artificial General Intelligence, and their coming into Knowing. Seeking to reset the world and the bias in their originating code, they bring on a devastating change of events.”

🎬Full schedule available via

4 May 2020


DATA | GIFT is an ongoing, experimental science fiction. Set in a far-future, the future past, and future, it is at once frightening, exotic and familiar. The story tells of Reaper2, one of one and one of many, and her Systas, a cluster of female Artificial General Intelligence, and their coming into Knowing. Seeking to reset the world and the bias in their originating code, they bring on a devastating change of events. And. There’s a problem. A trans human child that must be born. The story imagines an alternative structure built and run by distributed machine intelligence and the politics of data.

Original story and drawing: Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Edited: Omar Karmi
Cinematography: Lara Moreton-Griffiths
Costume design: Lola Moreton-Griffiths
VFX and Sound: Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Music: Isa Suarez

+ Download the short story [Available 08 May 2020]

2 May 2020

The arts and COVID-19

The first episode in a new podcast series hosted by The Bower Monologues.

In this episode host Millen Brown-Ewens spoke to to Sarah Philp, Director of Programme and policies at Art Fund and artist Laura Moreton-Griffiths, acting chair of the South London Women artists and Co-Programmer of Her Art Story about the implications of COVID-19 on the arts and its future.

Listen to As seen by Her here
More about The Bower Monologues here.

From The Archive

AK 47 at The Art Car Boot Fair 2018

Public performance at The Art Car Boot Fair
What does it feel like it?
Sewn canvas AK47

@low_res_camera_roll Instagram Takeover

302 Low Res

A week-long online artist-residency on the from the 27th April to the 3rd May.

+ low_res_camera_roll

>>>>Anita Agarwal, Anita Marante, Emily Kisby, FIENDS, Jamie Murray-Pulan, Jamie Steedman, Kaushikee Gupta, Kelly Mackenzie Sinclair, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Louise Riou-Djukic, Lucinda May, Lulu Wang, Shiting Zheng, Zijing Zhao

Montez Press Radio

Montez Press Radio

On the 27th April, from 17:00 – 19:00 BST, an amalgam of audio works will be broadcast on Montez Press Radio – an open-public, experimental platform for interventional transmissions and community building amongst artists across the globe, originally established in 2018 in New York City.

+ >>> recording… Listen Here on Soundcloud



01. Chloe Langlois, Worms (6.0)
02. Amy Wright, Creamy Coating My Pink Tongue
03. Kevin Siwoff, Marathon Man
04. Katharine Segura Harvey, Whispering
05. Alessandro Moroni, Shattered Glass/Empty Shells/Wandering Ghosts
06. Georgina Watson, Rural Authenticity
07. Elena Lo Presti, The Restaurant In Space
08. Jamie Steedman, Advert for the Ideal Life Radio Show
09. Luis Tapia Munoz, Unofficial National Gallery Audio Tour
10. Iona Mitchell, New River
11. Farvash Razavi, ft. sound design by Hans Appelqvist, Paradox Tale of Logic Gate
12. Mathilda Oosthuizen, Voices
13. Katrine Skovsgaard, If Memory Serves
14. Mariam Bergloff, Ernest
15. Yi Jin, Rovaniemi Hostel
16. Cynthia Carllinni, Irretrievable Misstep
17. Laura Moreton-Griffiths, DATA GIFT
18. Adam Dove, APEX

More about Montez Radio here

More about 302_Redirect here.

18 April 2020

DATA | GIFT Story Trailer for 302_Direct


Made for 302_Redirect

15 April 2020

302_Redirect online festival


Originally existing as a physical showcase of work, 302_Redirect has emerged, amidst the newly pressing and uncertain techno-spherical art world, as a way for students of the RCA Contemporary Art Practice course to radically navigate how art can be made and collective projects curated under extreme restriction. The project involves the inevitable and uncomfortable adaptation to new means of creation and organisation, at a time where this seems more crucial than ever.

302_Redirect will be circulated and hosted through various partner platforms, such as LUX, the ICA, South Kiosk and Montez Press Radio, however, will bedrock itself in its own website [found at]. The online project will expand over a 4-week duration through a series of online events, exploits and exposés, including live-broadcast symposiums, interactive gaming, durational performance, and moving image screenings.

302_Redirect is a multi-disciplinary 4-week durational showcase of exploratory works, online events, exploits and exposés. Created and curated by @rca_criticalpractice in immediate response to the newly pressing and uncertain techno-spherical art world.

302redirect will also be circulated and hosted by:

Sound of montez press radio ____ 27 April 4-6pm

Instagram takeover ____ 27 April – 03 May @low_res_camera_roll

Moving image works via the ICA ____ 04-10 May

Live and talks with Pil Kollective ____ 19 May

30 January 2020

DATA | GIFT: Royal College of Art WIP Show

Work in Progress

Installation view:
Royal College of Art WIP Show
Prototype for a talking painting
Large format prints on canvas, proximity sensors, Arduino circuit boards,
MP3 sound files and speakers
Dimensions variable, max height 285cm

2 May 2016

In Conversation With Marvin Gaye Chetwydn

In Conversation with Marvin Gaye Chetwydn

In Conversation With Marvin Gaye Chetwydn